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Jelgava regional Correspondence school enrolls learners in all consultation places - Svete.

  • Basic Education    1st- 9th grades:

Basic education programme (Svete consultation places)

  • Secondary Education   10th – 12th grades:
  1. General comprehensive programme (all consultation places)
  2. Humanitarian and social profile  (Svete consulation place)

Forms of learning:

  • Classes are twice a week in the afternoons
  • Distance Education as a teaching method is carried out in Svete Consultation place

Enrollment and information:

Jelgava regional Municipality, Jelgava, Pasta street 37, 4th floor, Room 501.

Time:   9:00 -  12:00 and 13:00 -  17:00

Phones: 63084021, 29122018 

When entering the elementary school, You should submit:

  • A school report
  • A copy of the passport or the passport (you present the original)
  • Medical Reference (Form Nr 026/U)

!!! Underage/minor students come accompanied by a parent (parents present the passport)

When entering the secondary school, You should submit:

  • Original documents of preliminary education -  A certificate of the basic education and a statement of records (present originals)
  • Medical Reference
  • A copy of the passport or the passport (you present the original)
  • All present secondary school`s reports or statements of records (enrolling in 11th and 12th grades)