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Three concepts can be used to characterize our school`s teachers:

Stability, Professionalism, Novelty.


Stable Team of Teachers

Our school teachers` team is harmoniously represented in all age groups.  New teachers entering this school supplement the team with new and creative ideas. The school is teachers` support and weekday, only those teachers who are pregnant leave the school.


The school is in continuous development and our priority is not only educated students but also professional teachers. From 72 teachers working at school:

19 -  have Master`s Degree in pedagogy

49 – have Bachelor`s Degree in pedagogy

2  -   have Bachelor`s Degree in other speciality

2  -  are studying in order to get Bachelor`s Degree

Teachers`  participation in different today`s projects is very important. More than a half of the teachers are involved in the EU Project on ‘Promotion of Educators Competitiveness within the Optimization of Educational System’. The Project ‘NordPlus’ ended in January, 2011, but Natural Science Project will end in June, 2011.


Modern school is not imaginable without novelty and changes in the process of study. Many students from all the world study at school, therefore our school`s teachers should be flexible and able to work with new technologies.

Jelgava regional Correspondence school is one of the few schools in Latvia that offers the acquisition of secondary education through Distance Education.

Distance Education as a training method is realized in Svete Consultation place in 10th - 12th grades. Nineteen teachers from 4 consultation places are involved in Distance Education.